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Why should I become a CANNT member?

CANNT members enjoy the following benefits:

  1. A complimentary subscription to the peer-reviewed Quarterly CANNT Journal for all members.

  2. Connections to the latest information and resources related to nephrology technology or nursing at www.cannt.ca

  3. Networking opportunities with colleagues practicing in your nephrology specialty on a national level

  4. Opportunities for collaborative networking and problem solving through participation in a Refined Clinical Practice Group -
    More information on Refined Clinical Practice Groups >

  5. CANNT Awards, Bursaries and Research Grants offered to individuals in recognition of their excellence in the workplace and/or to further their studies in Nephrology.
    More information on recognition initiatives >

  6. CANNT organizes and sponsors various educational opportunities to allow you to maintain current in your field of expertise.
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  7. CANNT represents its membership as affiliates of various organizations and acts as your link to those organizations to help keep you connected and informed.
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  8. CANNT assists its membership by taking on new projects and initiatives with a goal to improving nephrology professional practice as needs and opportunities are presented.

Why Choose CANNT?

CANNT Journal

Themed issues on topics of interest to our nephrology professionals.

Stay Current

CANNT nursing standards have been developed to be congruent with national and provincial standards

Stay Connected

Our National symposium offers members an opportunity to network with Nephrology professionals nationwide